Gateway City Elite is committed to helping athletes develop a Christ glorifying lifestyle through competitive excellence with a united focus. Pre-Season Camps, and Leagues are open to all athletes who desire to compete at the High School Varsity level. GCE participates in NCHBC Homeschool Sports and abide by MSHSAA Homeschool regulations. 


To develop a Unified Focused lifestyle of Christ Centered excellence through:

  1. Helping athletes become the player they are meant to be.

  1. To ready every athlete for the next level of life and competition

  • Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically

  1. To serve alongside parents, coaches, and athletes with a kingdom focused unity.

  1. To allow Elite Players, to play on an Elite Team, and compete at an Elite Level.


I am an Elite Christian Competitor now and forever.

I am made to strive for excellence in the arena of competition.


I do not boast in myself, in my abilities, or in my own strength.

I rely solely on the power of God.


My attitude and conduct is to be above reproach—

As I submit to God’s authority and those He has put over me.


My effort is an offering to my Master.

My labor is a sacrifice to my Savior.


I do not give in. I do not give up.

I am the Lord’s warrior— a disciple of determination.


I am confident, because my confidence lies in Christ.

I will live and compete with excellence for the Glory of God.

*modified from FCA Creed